Palin Wants Polar Bears Dead

Without decisive action, America’s polar bears could face extinction in the wild by the end of the century.

Yet, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is fighting tooth and nail to remove even more vital protections for these majestic animals. In April, she secured $1.25 million that will help pay for her legal efforts to fight federal protections for polar bears and the rare Cook Inlet beluga whale. [1]

Most know about Governor Palin’s cruel aerial slaughter of wolves. Now Palin has polar bears in her cross hairs.

  • Palin is actually fighting in court to block life-saving protections for America’s polar bears. [2] Her lawsuit could derail efforts to save our polar bears from global warming, habitat loss, trophy hunting and other dire threats.
  • Palin buried findings from her own scientists to silence efforts to address global warming that is already causing polar bears to die from starvation. [3]
  • Palin is helping Big Oil push for more toxic drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Chukchi Sea, vital habitat for these arctic ice kings. [4]

Poster’s Notation…

When will the American People start realizing what this woman and her sick agendas mean for this country? She’s destroying Alaska and the radical, extreme right wing nut cases want this toxic witch to run in 2012 for the presidency… I have news for you ALL! She will never make it past the primaries!








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