Crybaby Palin



Poor Little Sarah… Crying Foul and a river! If you can’t stand the heat Sweetie, Get out of the kitchen! Seriously Sweetie… You brought it all on yourself parading your family around like a herd of cattle and then when you and your family are fair game based on YOUR Decisions, you run crying to the media and try to stir up a firestorm!

Funny how Leno brought the issue of your daughter up in the past and nothing was made of it and now that your so called political career is sailing into the sunset you act the innocent victim to get the attention back!

You are a JOKE Sweet Cakes! Your political career was over before it started and the only people dumb enough to vote for you don’t have many forks in their family tree.

Why don’t you just do everyone a favor and crawl back into your oil laden igloo. If you are stupid enough to pop your Hilbilly head out of that igloo in 2012, you will be the laughing stock of this country and you will never make it past your own party’s primary!

Hey, why don’t you go do another turkey slaughter to show people again how utterly stupid you really are!

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