Which is it Newt the Toot?

You Republican DipSticks can’t seem to make up your mind and come to any sort of consensus about anything Barack Obama does! You’re like a bunch of Mackeral scooped up from the ocean and dumped out on the fishing boat deck flip flopping around like a bunch of retarded morons… Newt the Toot is no exception to this disease.

Newt the Toot

Newt the Toot

Recently Newt the Toot attacked Rush The Pig Limbaugh on Meet the Press…

“Newt Gingrich became the highest profile Republican yet to push back against Rush Limbaugh, saying on “Meet the Press” that it’s “irrational” to hope for the President of the United States to fail…”

Then even more recently Newt the Toot had this to say…

“WASHINGTON — Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Monday urged some 2,000 Republican party loyalists to stand up for GOP principles but to be inclusive as the party tries to retake the majority. He also declared that President Barack Obama’s policies had “already failed…”

Which is it Newt the Toot? You are nothing but a typical Republican Loser and crybaby and hypocrite!

Gee… I wonder what would happen if you sore losers would simply start worrying about the state of the country and start rolling up your sleeves and start working to solve the numerous problems in this country instead of shooting your pathetic mouths off on the national media?  Grow up crybabies!

Oh and let us not forget that Newt is a Dick…


Newt the Toot aka Dick

Newt the Toot aka Dick

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