You Can’t Be Serious!

Right Wing Kool Aid Brigade

Right Wing Kool Aid Brigade

Well just when you THOUGHT you  heard it all,  and from the WTF Files… Columnist S.E. Cupp blames President  Obama for Letterman’s joke about Palin in a recent interview with that dick head Sean Hannity! What a bunch of Pathetic Losers you Right Winger’s are and you wonder why the Repugnant Party is in such a disarray!

Republican Right Wing Clown Circus

Republican Right Wing Clown Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen, Step Right Up… I’m Jimmy Bob the Radical Right Winger (AKA Michael Steele) and I have something to sell YOU! Yes Sirree I have found the man who is responsible for EVERY Bad thing on our Planet! He is Responsible for…

The Plague

Lincoln Assassination

World War I

The Great Depression

World War II

The Korean War

JFK Assassination

MLK Assassination

RFK Assassination

The Vietnam War


The Cold War

The Nazis

The Holocaust

Pearl Harbor


George Bush’s Failed Presidency

Wall Street Failure

Big Three Failure



The Iraq War

Every Earthquake

Every Tornado

Every Hurricane

Every Horrific Death

Yes Folks, this one man is responsible for every horrible event on this planet and he is the devil and his name is Barack Obama! We need to make certain that we fight him all the way and make his job difficult and never support him or our country because WE are Republican Right Wing Nuts and we know what is best for this country!

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