Cyber Stalking, Cyber Harassment…

Some People just don’t get it…

Cyber Crimes are class 6 felonies and they carry prison sentences up to 5 years with fines up to $250,000,  in addition to civil lawsuits for damages.


I wonder what if feels like to have the walls start to close in when you are a criminal and about to be caught for your crimes? Anxiety? Cold Sweats? Looking over your shoulder? Waiting for that knock on the Door?

My Cyber Stalker Friend… Pity for you that my brother did not tell you everything about me and how relentless I am and how I can make the pathetic pit bull in Alaska look like a French poodle in a mini skirt.

So Tell Me Mr “LOL Not Even Close, You’ll Never Catch Me” Hot Shot… How’s the weather out there in Southern California? LOL! Now am I jerking your chain making you believe one thing when I have something else? You’ll never know until that knock comes at your door now will you? Got your bags packed? Watch out… They’re coming for you!

The person currently Cyber Stalking and Cyber Harrassing me will be caught and will go to prison and they will be sued for damages. Just to show you how stupid this person is they continue sending messages “Thinking” they are above it all and they are “Too” smart and will never be caught. Well if they are so smart why do they continue posting to my blogs committing felonies and providing unbelievable amounts of evidence? Every single Harrassing message has been collected for evidence and provided to the FBI and the Department of Justice for the criminal case.

Any person who knowingly communicates, in a writing, including an electronically transmitted communication producing a visual or electronic message, a threat to kill or do bodily injury to a person, regarding that person or any member of his family, and the threat places such person in reasonable apprehension of death or bodily injury to himself or his family member, is guilty of a Class 6 felony. However, any person who violates this subsection with the intent to commit an act of terrorism as defined in § 18.2-46.4 is guilty of a Class 5 felony.

Well this individual is in the Boca Raton/Plantation/Fort Lauderdale area of Florida. They are either now or have been an employee of Starbucks Coffee or they have a friend currently working at a Starbucks Coffee shop so that they can use the store’s connection to the web through Starbuck’s Corporate in Seattle Washington, either as a proxy server or they are remote logging into the Starbuck’s computer from another location.

Isn’t it interesting that when background tracers are applied to the Starbuck’s IP Address it always does one hop to an unclassified and unregistered IP Address in a residential neighborhood.

You see, Network hops when bridging between servers are jumping from server to server until the final connection is made to the destination. The only reason a request hop would make a stop at a residential location would be that the residential location is a pipe to the final destination due to remote logins or acting as proxies.

Just where is this residential location? The IP Locator puts it at this community in Plantation Florida as you can see in the satallite maps. the IP Locator gave very specific Lattitute and Longitude. The Tracers were ran several times at various times of the day and night and the results were the same, making a stop at this house in Plantation Florida.

Satellite Photo of Potential Cyber Stalker's Home

Satellite Photo of Potential Cyber Stalker's Home

Satellite Photo of Potential Cyber Stalker's Home

Satellite Photo of Potential Cyber Stalker's Home

Now what our Cyber Stalker does not know is are we showing these photos and providing this information as a decoy or as the real deal?

What this individual does need to know is, we have passed a point of no return, meaning, that charges will be pressed when they are arrested. They selected this path in their sick, twisted and pathetic rants and they will pay for their little games with fines, prison time and lawsuits.

The FBI Cyber Crimes Unit has assigned a case and they have been provided evidence since this started in early May. The Norfolk Police, Seattle Police, and Law Enforcement officials in Southern Florida have been notified.

My lawyer has contacted Starbucks and AT&T Wireless and AT&T Wayport and has issued notice that failure to cooperate with State and Federal Officials will result in cival litigation against them.

So my little sick, perverted stalker, you can continue playing your little twisted game thinking you are above it all and  providing even more evidence, and we will continue to laugh at you! Oh and laugh at your pathetic Wonder Woman!

It's not an iPod... It's a Palin iQuit

It's not an iPod... It's a Palin iQuit

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