Packing Up…

Bu Bye… Ciao Baby… Hasta La Vista… Poka Poka…

Ah the sweet sounds of packing tape on moving boxes at the Governor’s Mansion!

Palin Legacy

Palin Legacy

You Betcha’… Don’t let that door hit you on that back side there Sarah! Wink Wink! I’m sure you have more fish to fry dogone it, but don’t forget the skillet Wink Wink!

I see where the Democrats even turned you down. Well you know your pal Liberman has that open spot so better luck next time, Wink Wink!

I heard about your new reality show… You know the one about the you and your family going on a 3 hour tour and the weather got rough and you landed on Fantasy Island, Wink Wink! So we know that Todd is the Skipper, any other tidbits you want to let us know about?

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