“Here Comes the Clowns…”

Just when you thought you have seen the epitome of stupidity the broken record clown college birthers stick their head out of the gopher hole…

Hey Bozo, What's Next?

Hey Bozo, What's Next?

In my entire life I’ve never seen such complete and utter stupidity as well as a desire to put this entire country at odds over such an asinine circus of folly. The people who are raising this issue and continue to try and make this an issue are nothing but Sore Loser Republican Crybabies with not enough brains to fill a thimble. The pathetic few who are fervent followers of this trash are even more pathetic. Do you morons realize how much you are destroying your pathetic political party with this nonsense? I “Use to be Independent” and voted for the best person for the job. I will NEVER Vote for another Republican for the rest of my life. Why? Because it is very clear with the latest revelation of the GOP being the Party of Whites,” that YOU are the party of Racism, Slavery, KKK and pure Stupidity, Ignorance, and Hatred in this country and YOU are the new Minority and YOU will be the Minority Party.

Now we have this Wing Nut Orly Taitz showing this concocted document that is the “So Called Kenyan Birth Certificate” of Barack Obama. What an asinine joke this is and here is this so called document…

Yeah Right Orly... And I have a Bridge to sell you in Alaska

Yeah Right Orly... And I have a Bridge to sell you in Alaska

By the by Orly, You Dunce! Why is this entire document in ENGLISH if it is a a “Kenyan Birth Certificate?” Are you aware that SwaHili and Sheng are the languages used in this country? Where are the Details showing every significant section of this homemade document? Gee, were you the same Dope who tried to pull off the scam of having a BigFoot in your freezer?

The Huffington Post stated…

Here are just some of the flaws:

Kenya was a Dominion the date this certificate was allegedly issued and would not become a republic for 8 months.Mombasa belonged to Zanzibar when Obama was born, not Kenya.

Obama’s father’s village would be nearer to Nairobi, not Mombasa.

The number 47O44– 47 is Obama’s age when he became president, followed by the letter O (not a zero) followed by 44–he is the 44th president.

EF Lavender is a laundry detergent.

Even Karl Rove stated: “I believe this is likely a forgery.”

Well why don’t all you little Republican Numb Nuts consider this for a minute… Barack Hussain Obama Senior, President Obama’s father, is Kenyan and was born in Kenya and the President carries the same name as his father. So any phony or doctored “Kenyan Birth Certificate” of the President’s FATHER that you want to pawn off as the President’s Birth Certificate, then GO FOR IT!

Meanwhile the intelligent people of this country will continue to get a laugh out of your utter stupidity and the courts will grow tired of your childish nonsense and will start charging you all court costs for your clown circus.

Republican Wing Nuts - Different Day Same Stupidity

Republican Wing Nuts - Different Day Same Stupidity

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