Dear GM…

Fritz… We Did Not Fall Off the Watermelon Wagon Yesterday!

Dear Mr. Henderson, CEO of GM,

So, the distance from Los Angeles California to Las Vegas Nevada is approximately 223 miles and your so called Super Star Volt will make that journey all without plugging in to an outlet every 40 miles and will burn less than 1 gallon of gas, RIGHT?

If you buy it... You are a sucker!

If you buy it... You are a sucker!

I’m Waiting Fritz! What’s the matter? Cat got your Crotch? You wouldn’t lie to the American People now would you Fritz? You know, the same people who handed you all that money recently!

Hey Fritz, did you tell everyone that they are trading in one fossil fuel for another one? No? Why Not Fritz? Are you morons there at GM really that stupid?

Why is it that the Japanese continue to kick your ass when it comes to delivering technology that PEOPLE REALLY WANT?Ā  By the time you deliver this day late dollar short, overpriced piece of trash, I will be driving a Honda Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle burning ZERO Fossil Fuels with Zero Emissions.

You people at GM will never get it and you deserve to go out of business, leaving one less lying corporation out there with their hand out.

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