Republican Misfits

Just What is it About Republican Governors?

The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges

… Or should we say Former Republican Governors and Almost Former Republican Governor?

First we have a Washed Up Quitter Bridge from No Where Sarah Palin who doesn’t know how to cut off the diarrhea of her mouth and who is not smarter than a 3rd grader. Every time this Ditz opens her trap she shows she has the common sense of a block of wood… “Death Panel” Ms. Palin? “Watch Glen Beck” Ms. Palin? “My Children are Off Limits… But let me use them for Political Gain” Ms. Palin? “You Betcha, Wink, Wink” Ms. Palin?

The sad thing is here Ms. Palin, You are the Epitome and the Poster Child of what is wrong in your washed up party and this country. Your folksy, pathetic, asinine ramblings to keep your face in the news reminds me of a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Next we have the Sexually Confused and Lust Driven Mark Sanford and Sons who has the audacity to not only cheat on his wife and marriage but this moron uses State Funds / Taxpayer money to pay for his hot little time in Argentina with his Latin Lover. Then he apologizes for his stupidity on national news to just turn around and continue his affair but make the asinine comment that “I’m not giving up my position as Governor…” Well Okay Governor. Do you have any other bright revelations you want to share with us? Hey Maybe You and Ms. Palin can be running mates in 2012?   Yeah… “Quitter/Cheater 2012”

Finally we have the Former Governot from Arkansas Mike Hucka Bumble Bee… This pathetic Sappy Eyed Dip Stik just shot his mouth off claiming that Ted Kennedy would have had to end his life sooner under “ObamaCare.” Well Mr. Huckabee are you proud of your comments? Why is it YOU Republican Losers are so Hell Bent on shooting this down? Mr. Huckabee, How much Lobby Money have you received from the Health Insurance companies to try and cause fear and panic to make certain that Health Care does not pass in this country? Would you like to share those figures with us Mr. Huckabee? How about the rest of you Republican Lying Politicains who are trying to cause mass hysteria, fear, and hate in this country over Health Care Reform?

Republican Conspiracy to Destroy America

Republican Conspiracy to Destroy America

Well answer me this you bunch of pathetic lying Republican Losers. Why is it after 4 years of waiting to get surgery on my arm to correct nerve damage from an accident on the job, I still don’t have that corrective surgery and it doesn’t look like it will ever get done? But Hey, According to You Fear Monger Bunch of Liars, the existing health care driven by these so called Health Care and Insurance companies is just fine. I guess from your Health Care Lobby Lined Pockets that might be true!

Latest Republican Politician Losers

Republican Representative Trent Franks

Republican Representative Trent Franks

Rep. Trent Franks: I Came Within Three Days of Launching an Obama Citizenship Lawsuit

By David Weigel 8/28/09 4:06 PM | Washington Independent

After a week of unwanted attention that seemed to end with him signing on to Rep. Bill Posey’s (R-Fla.) bill to demand birth certificates from future presidential candidates, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) has released the audio and transcript from the town hall where, according to the Mohave Daily News, he had talked about suing for proof of the president’s citizenship.

The real story on what Franks revealed at the town hall? He was “terrified” of Obama and “willing to go into a lawsuit,” and “did all kinds of research” that, at first, did nothing to calm him. He only saw 1961 newspaper reports of Obama’s birth “about three days before we were going to launch a lawsuit.” According to the congressman’s spokeswoman, Bethany Haley, this period of investigation and decision came before the election.

Don’t you just love it? The Republican Party is like and unrelenting cancer on the health of this country… The reality of it is, this all boils down that they are just sore losers and they are their own worst enemy.

Well 2010 is coming and if you Conservative, Corrupt  Creeps think you have a Minority in Congress and Governorships Now, wait until the Election is over. Just like 2008 Your Asses will be sent packing!

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