Ditz on the Loose

Palin Speaking in Hong Kong

Quitter Loser Seeking Celebrity Status! NOT!

Quitter Loser Seeking Celebrity Status! NOT!

Former VP Candidate, Former Governor, Former Mayor, Former Part Time Journalism Student and Mommy of 5 will be speaking in Hong Kong in September for the brokerage and investment group CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets.

Now… How can you translate “You Betcha” into Chinese? Can you imagine how painful this will be for the audience if her “Investments” speech for the Pacific Rim is anything like her “I Quit” 30 minute rambling of disjointed trash?

A Huffington Post Commenter left this and they got the best reply…

Question: I wonder what winking at your audience might mean in Asia?

Answer: Me, love you long time.

Stay Tuned! Updates after the Speech!

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