Cheney 2012…

You’re joking… Right? This Guy?

ROFLMAO! Please GOP... Please Do this!

ROFLMAO! Please GOP... Please Do this!

Yes Folks… According to Polling Numbers, This Numbnuts is 2 percentage points above Colin Powell among Republicans. Well that certainly says a lot, don’t you think? You can get the full story on Huffington Post.

So this Missing in Action VP who is a few donut holes short of a baker’s dozen is more favorable than a well respected military commander? Well I guess we can figure out who was polled on this, if not, it’s clear that the Republican Party is on a path of self destruction and we could not be happier!

You watch, the GOP will choose this loose cannon war monger or they will choose the quitter loser from the great white north… You remember, the Ditz who claimed to be a Pit Bull with Lipstick and can see Russia from her front porch!

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