Say it isn’t So Joe!

Joe the Heckler Wilson

You know… The DipStick who yelled “You Lie” during President Obama’s speech. I’ll explain the picture in a minute.

Joe the Heckler, Moron, Racist, Lunatic Wilson

Joe the Heckler, Moron, Racist, Lunatic Wilson

Fact Check on the Heckler’s Accusation.

Let us give Old Joe the benefit of the doubt, should we?

On Huffington Post, Bill Adair from Politifacts did the research and rated Wilson’s assertion as FALSE!

ADAIR: Obama is right. When you look at the bill, it does go to some lengths to make sure that illegal immigrants do not get the credits for the health care exchange that would allow them to get free care. They’d have to pay for it, like everybody else. False for Wilson.

Who’s the Liar now JOE? Shall we explain the picture and talk about YOUR background and why you are such an ass? You dipstick “shooting your mouth off Republicans” will never learn will you in the era of the digital age and the power of the internet. Okay… Let’s explain the picture shall we?

Seems as though Republican Joe Wilson is tied to the neo Confederate group called the SVC. This group lead by radical racist Kirk Lyons and theseĀ  neo-Confederates favor secession and defend slavery as a benign institution.

Part of this group are the so-called Lunatics, up to 2,000 members who deride traditionalists as “grannies” and belong to camps named after notorious Southern figures such as John Wilkes Booth and Jesse James.

John Wilkes Booth members have been known to put pennies in urinals, making sure to leave the Lincoln side face-up. Other Lunatic groups have removed the U.S. flag from their halls and banned the Pledge of Allegiance.

Oh Joe! The Tangled Web You Pathetic Republicans weave, especially when you draw attention to yourself.

Good Luck on your Re-Election Hopes Liar Racist!

Update 9/15/09 As per a recent comment to be approved shortly, here is more information about Kirk Lyons

More Info on Kirk Lyons.

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