Tim Pawlenty… Liar!

Death Panels Governor Pawlenty?

Just why is it that the Republican Members of Congress and Republican Governors and Former Republican Governors feel they are acting in the best interest of the American People who they are suppose to be representing by outright lying?

Governor Tim Pawlenty,  Liar

Governor Tim Pawlenty, Liar

Maybe they are filling their pockets with Powerful Insurance Company Lobbyists money… Maybe deep down like their pathetic Pal Joe Wilson who is a Racist they are Closet Racists!

So Governor Tim Pawlenty, you are claiming that health reform will lead to death panels — a claim so thoroughly debunked that even former Republican Congressman and conservative pundit Joe Scarborough spoke out about Pawlenty’s false claims.

Tell us Governor… Why are you lying to the American People about Health Care? We are listening… Do you have the guts to tell us you real reasons?

Governor Pawlenty, Not only are you a Liar, you are a Gutless, Shameless, and Spineless Liar!

Joe Scarborough Called Out Gov. Pawlenty on “Death Panels”: “You Don’t Believe It…Do You?”

Gov. Pawlenty made an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where he was challenged about claims that health reform would lead to death panels and would “pull the plug on granny.”

Gov. Pawlenty said, “… there’s concerns that this thing is going to be so expensive they’re not going to be able to afford all that’s promised, and somebody’s going to have to make a decision to cut back, and people are concerned that if the federal government does that—have them rationing care, that’s a real problem. And so those are not irrational concerns …”

Then the following exchange occurred:

MR. SCARBOROUGH: But, there are no death panels here, though. Counseling is one thing. Having three people lining up and saying “Granny dies, Grandpa lives,” that’s quite another. You can’t get there from here.

GOV. PAWLENTY: Well what happens–Joe, what you call it or label it, but I think the facts are these: if you have a system like the United Kingdom where…

MR. SCARBOROUGH: But we don’t. We don’t, Governor. With all due respect, this does not give us a system like the United Kingdom. I’m talking specifically about this bill. How does this bill get us to “death panels?” You don’t believe it does, do you? [MSNBC Morning Joe, 9/11/09]

Gov. Pawlenty Called Out By Star Tribune For “Diving So Deep Into The Right-Wing Tide Pool”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune excoriated Governor Pawlenty for ignoring Minnesota’s budget woes in his quest to jockey for the national spotlight in hopes of a future run for president. Gov. Pawlenty was repeatedly called out for wading into the national-health-insurance reform debate, and the Star Tribune“He has dived so deep into the right-wing tide pool that by Thursday, he had joined Sarah Palin and a few other GOP confederates in threatening to invoke the 10th Amendment — in effect having Minnesota secede from the union on health care reform with little regard for the effect on Minnesota’s 450,000 uninsured citizens.” [Star Tribune Op-Ed, 9/14/09]

Once a Liar ALWAYS a Liar Governor!

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