Plummetting Palin Roguette

Going Rogue? Need a Parachute Sarah Baby?

Oh Darn! This cannot be good news Ms Palin with your precious book on the verge of release.  Don’t you just hate those Polls Pittbull? Or is it Hockey Mommy? Well we can’t call you “Governor” any longer.

Wanna Be Writer, Hockey Mommy, Quitter, Loser

Wanna Be Writer, Hockey Mommy, Quitter, Loser

You know some cartoons just nail the mark sometimes, don’t they?  Yes one should read at least one book before writing one. But, then again, when you have someone writing for you it’s not required!  Speaking of your Book Roguette… Are YOU Sure You chose the RIGHT Title there Roguette?


Pronunciation (rohg)


1. a dishonest, knavish person; scoundrel; Sarah Palin
2. a playfully mischievous person; scamp: The youngest boys are little rogues.
3. a tramp or vagabond.
4. a rogue elephant or other animal of similar disposition. See PittBull
5. Biology. a usually inferior organism, esp. a plant, varying markedly from the normal.


6. to live or act as a rogue.
7. to cheat.
8. to uproot or destroy (plants, etc., that do not conform to a desired standard).
9. to perform this operation upon: to rogue a field.


10. (of an animal) having an abnormally savage or unpredictable disposition, as a rogue elephant. See Also PittBull with Lipstick.
11. no longer obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable; deviating, renegade: a rogue cop; a rogue union local. a rogue politician


1. villain, trickster, swindler, cheat, mountebank, quack. See Sarah Palin

This has to be bad news Sarah… Your poll numbers really suck there sweetie! Do you think it has anything to do with that asinine book title Sarah Baby?

Roguette! You're Nose Diving... Quick give another Speech!

Roguette! You're Nose Diving... Quick give another Speech!

Geezzzzzzzz When you are a Stupid Ex-politician, Quitter, Bridge to Nowhere Roguette you just have to hate those folks at Gallup! Say how’s the First Dude doing now that he followed in your Quitting footsteps? Did he get unemployment yet? Hey maybe he could run for Governor!

Party Lines there Roguette!

Party Lines there Roguette!

Hey Sarah… You know there’s always that possible Reality Show… “I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here!” Maybe you can get together with Donald Trump to be on the next Celebrity Apprentice!

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