Back Stabbing Lie berman

Say it isn’t So Joe…

You know Mr. Lie berman… I don’t know what is worse, your snake in the grass, back stabbing antics leaning which ever way the wind blows, or the stupid people of Connecticut who continue to give you their votes.

Joe the Plumber aka Back Stabber

Joe the Plumber aka Back Stabber

Now you’re back on the side of those worthless Republicans threatening to filibuster Health Care Reform… Gee is it any surprise given all the Health Care Providers in your State?  How much money has those organizations paid you Mr. Lie berman?  Considering the first part of your name is “LIE” Mr. Lie berman, no one believes anything you have to say at this point.

Connecticut has the highest U.S. concentration of insurance jobs, with the industry accounting for about 64,000 jobs as of June 2009, according to the state’s labor department. That’s down 23 percent from the 83,000 jobs in 1990, although the state projects a slow growth of 4 percent through 2014.

The state is home to 72 insurance headquarters, with three times the U.S. average of insurance jobs as a percent of total state employment. The state’s unemployment rate currently stands at 8.6 percent.

Joe, Joe, Joe… Three times the US Average for Health Insurance Headquarters in your State… No Wonder you want to Filibuster… You’re DOG Meat Pal!!!

It is very clear to us that you have your little pocket lined agenda for the Health Care Companies to help them continue raping the American people.  You could not care less about the people of Connecticut or the people of this country you lying, backstabbing hypocrite!

You Sir are lower than the belly of a cockroach in a wagon wheel rut and you will never get another term in congress no matter which party you represent.

Joe the Plumber Lieberman

Joe The Plumber aka Political Backstabber

Enjoy the Health Care Lobby Money while you can backstabber, because your time is nearly up!

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