Kate Gosselin’s Mop Disaster

On somewhat a lighter note…

Kate My Dear… Whoever told you that a Mullet Haircut in Reverse looks good on you, or on any women for that matter, is flat lying to you. I sympathize with you and your situation, really I do.  But seriously, when it looks like you tripped on the garden hose and you landed face down in the grass while Jon was cutting the grass and the back side of your head with the mower, time to change hairdressers.

Kate Gosselin's Bad Hair Day

The Mullet Throw Back in Reverse

If you think you look great in this bad dream, consider this… The last Halloween “Hair Wig” costumes in recent memory has been the Mullet and the Rainbow colored Afro. This should speak volumes to you Kate!

If this goofy, stupid, unattractive hair disaster is one of your good decisions, then maybe you might want to start looking a bit more closely at the rest of your decisions in life, as being real stupid decisions as well.

Fire your hairdresser Sweetie… You are not the trendsetter you think you are.

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