Palin Foot & Mouth Disease

The Distorted View

Oh Sarah Baby… You’ll never learn will YOU? Do you honestly believe that you could lie all the way through that pathetic book and not be called on it? You have to be the stupidest woman on the planet!

Rogue Palin Liar Palin

Stupid is... Stupid Does

You know the great thing here is Liar, Liar Panties on Fire… This will not be a case of “You Said… They Said!”  It will be a case of “You shooting Your Stupid Mouth off in your Book, to be called on by documented proof by some reasonably smart folks. Maybe you should go back to school  and learn some fundamentals of effective communication?

Dear Sarah, I would not count on that royalty money since it appears your book is a book of lies!  That royalty money will need to pay your lawyer for all the liable suits filed against YOU!

Those Igloos are looking better every day aren’t they Sarah Baby?

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