Going Vogue

Ru Paul is Going Vogue

In yet another take off from the Wasilla Hillbilly’s Ghost Written book, we have the official first Spoof of Palin’ s Pathetic Piece of Pointing Fingers of Blame.  And, does it surprise anyone about the drama queen and her latest theatrics about bailing out of her vacation to Hawaii because her “Incognito” disguise did nothing but draw attention to her? Are You Kidding Me? Wearing a McCain for President Visor with the words “Sharpied Out!”

You are dumber than a Sack of Hammers Sarah Palin and like a little 2 year old in the mall crying for attention… You are a smudge of excrement floating on a tissue paper in an Alaskan landfill Sarah Palin. As much as I want you to go away, I love your pathetic foibles as you continue to open your mouth and step into it.

Spoof Going Vogue Ru Paul


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