Palin’s America Part 2

Dear Moose in the Headlights Sarah Palin…

You and your Pathetic, Racist, Backwoods, Hillbilly Followers are a disgrace to this nation and I would be willing to bet that you will NEVER say a word and condemn this appalling, disgusting, and racist photo. You and your worthless followers are as dumb as a collection of rocks in roadside gravel pit. Even in a recent interview of your racist groupies during your book tour, every moron interviewed could not even cite a single policy or thing you stand for.

Palin's Racist America

You and your asinine comments and your bigoted and racist followers have single handily reversed the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King and the goal to have EVERY Man and Woman in this country be treated equally.

Just Keep being Spineless and not take a serious stand against pathetic, racist statements by your groupies and watch how your aspiring political career gets flushed down the toilet faster than ever before.

Dear Shit for Brains John McCain…

Thanks for unleashing this Worthless and Spineless Ditz Witch on America reversing over 50 years of progress against racism in this country! Your pathetic and asinine ploy to win the White House at any cost did not work, did it Grandpa? Well if your “Not Smarter than a 5th Grader,” Spineless Running Mate decides to throw her Stupid Hat into the ring for 2012, the SMART People of this country will send a VERY clear message to your Hillbilly Moosiah and the pathetic political party you both represent!

Wake Up America! Time to Burn that Ditz Witch Bitch from Alaska and send her home permanently!

I was contacted by the photographer who took the original picture, Ted Szukalski from Australia, and as we discussed, altering photographer’s photos, artist’s paintings or drawings, and cartoonist’s drawings without prior written consent is a copyright violation and punishable under copyright laws. Ted’s site shows the original photograph,

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