Palin Vetting Model

McCain and Fox Cut from the Same Cloth!

Does this seem eerily weird? I mean really, but we all know that FAUX News Is the Laughing Stock of the majority of Americans, well except for those bare foot, corn cob pipe smoking Hill Folks!

Palin Job Interview with Fox News

Vetting Palin for VP 2008

Palin’s “Debut” on Fox was nothing but a joke… Bill O’ bringing up the attacks against Palin in the media and that motor mouth in short belligerent and meaningless responses left even the Moose in Alaska saying “Huh?” Speaking of your buddy Bill O’ and how you kissed his hairy ass at the beginning of the show, I’d just like to know that is was “This Guy” who you love and adore so much, Isn’t he a Keeper?

By the Way Ms. Palin, Here is what your new co-workers thought of you prior to coming to your holy grail of Right Wing Biased Media News. Well the good news is they were all given the same memo to treat you like a third grader and kiss your ass.  Faux News Contributor Liz Trotta states in this video that “Palin really has NO Credentials FOR ANY JOB!”

Oops! Sorry to have given you such bad news Ms. Palin, but, you’re a big girl right? You don’t quit when the going gets tough do you?


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