The iJoke

iPad? Isn’t that like iMaxiPad?

Steve iJobs showed of his latest iCreation with a really stupid iName. Here is my iView of what this iStupid iThing is…

iGiant iPhone

Now, What’s wrong with this iBrain Fart?

  • No Multitasking
  • No Camera
  • No USB Port
  • No Communications outside of AT&T
  • No Support for Flash Animation on the Web
  • Uses Old Backlit LED that is hard on eyes and battery life
  • High Price for Limited functionality
  • Closed App Store
  • No Replaceable Battery
  • No Real Keyboard
  • No Handwriting Recognition
  • No Voice to Text
  • No GPS

You know it’s bad enough that this product is missing so many key technologies, but the two ongoing issues that have plagued Apple for Decades continues. First this cutsey but old and tired naming convention on their product line and this product is really a naming disaster and people are really tired and over the “i” nomenclature in the product line. If Steve Job’s was really and truly an innovator, He’d be a bit smarter on naming his products.

Next, the real major issue with Apple and their products is the closed proprietary software environment. As a software developer, why would I want to write for such a closed environment to be used by 7% of the population when I can develop for an open environment for 93% of the population? It has always been Steve Jobs way or the Highway and that has been the overriding reason why they are such small potatoes and struggling.

Finally, looking at this picture of Steve Jobs, it’s rather evident he has a serious illness which he will not discuss as he knows that he is the Messiah for the Apple Zealots and to be honest, Steve Jobs IS Apple.


The Little iTrolls come to Steve iJobs defense and instead of intelligently discussing and giving the advantages to Apple the little two year old iTrolls go on personal attacks against ANYONE questioning their iMessiah, because they are so insecure in not only themselves, but in the bonehead decision that they made…

Case in point ~ Our little cocky “Wide Stance,” who hangs out on Huffington Post strutting his or her pathetic ego, issuing personal attacks against people who question Apple’s business practices. So twice the fishing line was cast towards the iTrolls, to see if they would take the bait, and dig a deeper hole… Well, Wide Stance did just as I knew they would, because they cannot resist spewing their pathetic attacks!

Predictable, Arrogant, and Gullible Wide Stance

This was so hilarious and I’m not sure what was funnier, their Complete Predictability, or their Pathetic Arrogance, or that they were SO Gullible in what I was telling them. It’s truly amazing what damage someone’s ego can do to their own credibility!

Needless to say, they gave me exactly what I wanted, their brazen comments to provide to Huffington Post, showing clear violation to their comment policies. So Now Wide Stance is a marked iTroll and is being watched by HuffPo and risks being banned. Poor Baby… Need someone to stroke your ego for you? ROFLMAO!