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Sean Bond at WordPress
Sean Bond

Former CNN IReporter Who Still doesn’t have the time to dedicate to this full time. But, Hey, I’m here to contribute when I can and to upset those pesky Right Winger Trolls (And you all know who you are)! Now, Given the continual, belligerent, behavior of those Republican Politicians, especially Ms. Palin and Mr. Lieberman, posts will continue.


  1. Hey Hi..yippee finally got you on my list LOLLOL what a production !!! LOLOLOL

    1. Cool… Thanks N2D

  2. I like what you have done with your place here.

    1. Thanks Italco 😉

  3. Hey Micheal,
    Very nice site!!! Love the book cover..awesome!

    1. Hey BD… Glad to see you here Sweetie! Thanks! I should email you the cover for the other book.

  4. Other book??? LOL..Busy, busy!!!! Let me know!

    1. Hahahahahaha… Sure, why not? How are You BD! Sent you a private email 😉

  5. How do I log on to be a friend?

    1. Hey IReportTwo… Well I think you have to have a blog here… Maybe if you email me your profile page on IReports I can add it that way!

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Sean Bond at WordPress
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