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This Page will contain links to many of my old CNN IReports Postings, most of which were from the fall of 2008 during the Presidential Election… Work in Progress (July 2009)


Palin Crack Ups

Thrilla from Wassila

Thrilla from Wassila

Palin Tiara

Palin Tiara

Palin Nerd Fighters

Palin Nerd Fighters

Palin Parody

Palin Parody

Olberman Pick Vids (Coming Soon)


  1. Sean Bond, forgive me if you disagree with this. You have the option of deleting it if you want.

    Dale, you have kicked the wrong dog this time. Using an email address with a handle similiar to my own to issue a death threat is not smart. That crossed the line.

    I suspected that I knew more about your identity, and I might be correct, but you weren’t worth my time to investigate further — but now that has changed.

    Issuing a physical death threat is serious business, and I shall call upon all available resources to hunt you down and bring you to justice.

    Starbucks nationwide will be notified about you. Their videos will be requested. You shall be found.

  2. Thanks Auntie… It will not be removed. I have nothing further to state due to the legal reasons.

    1. I understand, and the same is true for me — just wanted Dale to understand that he’s not playing with stupid people.

  3. Remember this one?

    1. Ahahahahahaha… Have you EVER Seen such a stupid person… “I’ll try and find some and getum to ya…” I think Katie Couric is STILL waiting for that answer!

      That Ditz has been so far over her head that if she looked up she would see Killer Wales swimming over her head

      Buahahahahahahah!!! “I’ve read all of them … I have a vast variety of sources blah blah blah”

      1. Heard a radio spoof yesterday about Sarah that said she’s moving her trailer to the lower 48. The benefit is that she won’t need to put in change of addresses for the magazines that she never read.

  4. Hi everyone. How are you guys doing? Miss you on ireports.

    1. Hi IReportTwo! Doing Okay how are you Honey? Thanks for stopping by. I’m surprised that you continue to hang out on CNN’s site, the home of the Trolls. Take care of yourself Sweetie.

      1. lol it’s not too bad. There are still a lot of nasty people. One person actually called me gvs. I guess I must report like you do. lol. I find davidw fair though. He will try to keep people from acting up. I did a report today asking for a block button. I had someone tell me after I posted a report about some medicine that made me sick to just die. So they do get crazy. Some can’t debate without name calling. Miss you guys.

        1. Hey IReporttwo! How are you Honey? Well that stupid twit bitch stalker continues to drop by posting trash and it just goes out with the trash ROFLMAO! Would not be surprised if the person calling you GVS is that stupid bitch!

          Yeah well I won’t waste my time on IReports as I have more important things to do 😉

  5. BTW I think Palin was reporting on cnn ireports.

    1. Hmmmmmm Probably someone dressed like her LOL Wink Wink… You Betcha!

  6. Don’t forget to check my reports out.

    1. Oh… I’ve not been there for some time Honey… I’ll need to try and find your area and go check out your postings… Pity I cannot comment for you :((

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